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Ahmed Best

Ahmed Best (born August 19, 1973) is an American voice actor and musician. He rose to prominence in the 2000s for providing the voice of Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars franchise. He later turned to television, where he reprises his role as Jar Jar Binks in the Robot Chicken Star Wars special. He also created, wrote, directed and produced his own TV show called This Can’t Be My Life. He has collaborated with director George Lucas in three films and five episodes of the cartoon show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He has won the Annie Award for Best Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production.

Ahmed Best

Best during his first convention appearance at the Big Apple Convention in Manhattan, October 2, 2010.
Born August 19, 1973 (age 41)
New York City, New York, U.S.
Occupation Voice actor, screenwriter, director, producer, musician
Years active 1989–present

Early life

Ahmed Best was born in New York City on August 19, 1973. He lived the majority of his formative years in the Soundview section of the Bronx. He moved to Maplewood, New Jersey in 1984. He attended Columbia High School. He then studied percussion at the Manhattan School of Music.



In 1994, Ahmed joined the acid jazz group The Jazzhole. He contributed to the success of the group for two years. He co-wrote and co-produced three albums for the group including The Jazzhole, And the Feeling Goes Around and The Beat is the Bomb. In 1995, he co-wrote and co-produced Escape by Bill Evans.


In 1995, he joined the cast of the Obie Award winning cast of Stomp. He toured with the cast of Stomp throughout the US and Europe.


In 1997, Ahmed was cast as Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequel trilogy (1999-2005). He was cast after casting director Robin Gurland observed his flexible, athletic movements in Stomp.

Best reprised the role on the Star Wars themed episode of Robot Chicken (as well as its sequel), Star Wars: The Clone Wars and on an episode of Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report.

Best has also appeared with fellow Star Wars alumni Dee Bradley Baker, James Arnold Taylor and Daran Norris on the TV show Big Time Rush.


Song Note
“The Jazzhole” Co-wrote and co-produced
“And The Feeling Goes Around”
“The Beat is the Bomb”
“Falling Apart”
“Take Time”
“Mean What You Say”
“Sweet Child”
“I Wonder”
“Is It Worth”
“Dear James”
“It’s the Jazz” on the album “Vitality of Expression” by Jeff Peretz
“Forms of the Rhythm”



Year Title Role Note
1989 Lean on Me Extra
1999 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Jar Jar Binks (voice)
2002 Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Jar Jar Binks (voice) and Achk Med – Beq
2004 Kangaroo Jack: G’Day U.S.A.! Louis Booker (voice)
2005 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Jar Jar Binks (voice)
2006 Open Window Rufus
2009 Mother and Child Julian
2010 The Pink House Actor judge
2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams Crow
2011 Poolboy: Drowning Out The Fury Sidney Moncrief
Some Guy Who Kills People Mayor Maxwell
2012 FDR: American Badass Curtis post – production
2013 DJ Mouse (Armitage segments)


Year Title Role Note
2002 Armitage: Dual Matrix Mouse (voice) English version
2003 Alias Seth Episode: A Free Agent
2006 The Colbert Report Jar Jar Binks (voice) Episode: George Lucas
2007 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Jar Jar Binks and AT-AT Driver (voice)
2008 This Can’t Be My Life Ahmed Episode: The Pink Pages
Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II Jar Jar Binks and Stormtrooper (Star Wars) (voice) Annie Award for Best Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production or Short Form
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Jar Jar Binks (voice) Episode: Bombad Jedi
5 Second Movies Himself
2009 Cougar Town Dwayne Episode: Mystery Man
Big Time Rush Marketer Episode: Big Time Audition
2010 Episode: Big Time Blogger
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Jar Jar Binks and Defense Minister (voice) Episode: Supply Lines
Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III Jar Jar Binks and Carl the Stormtrooper (voice)
2011 Law & Order: LA Dell Gregory Episode: Van Nuys
Episode: Runyon
Zeke & Luther Sal Sackelson Episode: Bro’d Trip
In the Flow with Affion Crockett Black Jock
2014 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Jar Jar Binks. Episode: The Disappeared

Short films

Year Title Role Note
2002 Friendly Criminal Himself
2003 The Stockholm Syndrome Himself
There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute Nathan
2005 Escorched Richard Prentiss
2007 Charlie’s Bitch Ass Hos Makeafoolofme West
2008 This Can’t Be My Life Ahmed


Year Title Role Note
1999 From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Magic Himself
2001 The Beginning: Making Star Wars Episode 1 Himself
R2-D2: Beneath the Dome Himself uncredited
2005 Science of Star Wars Himself
2009 Black to the Future Himself
2010 The Life of Bob Marley Bob Marley
2001 Maniacs: Behind the Screams Himself


Year Title Songs
2010 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams “The South’s Gonna Rise Again”
“Rot in Hell”
“Hey Hey Howdy Howdy Hey”
“Fun, Games and Feastin'”
“Building From the Ground Up”


Year Title Note
2008 This Can’t Be My Life Episode: The Pink Pages (Theme song)


Year Title Note
2008 This Can’t Be My Life Short film
Episode: The Pink Pages

Video games

Year Title Role Note
1999 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Jar Jar Binks (voice)
Star Wars: The Gungan Frontier
2000 Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles
2001 Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
Star Wars: Super Bombad Racing
2005 Lego Star Wars: The Video Game uncredited
2006 Scarface: The World Is Yours Unknown (voice) uncredited
2007 Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Jar Jar Binks (voice) uncredited
2009 Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution Unknown Boxer (voice)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Cloak (voice)


Year Title Note
2007 The DL Chronicles Episodes: Wes & Robert (executive producer)
Boo & Mark (co-executive producer)
2008 This Can’t Be My Life Episode: The Pink Pages (co-producer)


Year Title Note
2008 This Can’t Be My Life Short film
Episode: The Pink Pages


Year Title Role Note
1995 Stomp Sarge Winner of Obie Award
1997 The Tempest Lead
2002 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Lead
Jack Sammy
2003 Vacuums J. Buttersworth III


Ennio Morricone's Soundtrack for "The Best Offer"

The Best Offer (Italian: La migliore offerta) is a 2013 Italian romantic mystery film written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. The film stars Geoffrey Rush, Jim Sturgess, Sylvia Hoeks, and Donald Sutherland, and the music score is composed by Ennio Morricone.
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Boom Microphone

When to boom, where to boom, how to boom… this tutorial covers everything you need to know about basic boom mic setup and operation. Continue reading →

Anika Nilles

Performance Spotlight with Vic Firth Artist Anika Nilles!
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How To Hide a Lavalier Microphone

This video demonstrates how to hide a lavaliere microphone so it doesn’t appear in the video frame.

Liam O’Brien

Liam O’Brien (born May 28, 1976) is an American voice actor and voice director perhaps best known for his roles as Gaara of the Sand in Naruto, Captain Jushiro Ukitake in Bleach, War in the video game Darksiders, Vincent Law in Ergo Proxy, Yasuo the Unforgiven in League of Legends and Illidan Stormrage in the Warcraft game series (World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade). He is married to fellow voice actress Amy Kincaid.

O’Brien is also one of the English adaptation writers for the popular series, Naruto. O’Brien is usually cast in unusual roles; as such, he tends to play characters who show signs of insanity or are evil geniuses. Some of those include: Gaara from Naruto, Lloyd from Code Geass, Isaac from Castlevania: Curse Of Darkness, Lezard from Valkyrie Profile 2, Grimoire Weiss from Nier, Kain from Final Fantasy IV, Caius Ballad from Final Fantasy XIII-2, Dist from Tales of the Abyss, Asura from Asura’s Wrath and Akihiko Sanada from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. He was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy by the American Anime Awards for his work in Comic Party, DNA Squared, and Girls Bravo. He is also the voice of Wonderful Pistachios.

He currently hosts the All Work No Play podcast with fellow voice actor Sam Riegel. He reprised his role as Caius Ballad in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Liam O’Brien
Born Liam Christopher O’Brien
May 28, 1976 (age 38)
Belleville, New Jersey
Occupation Voice actor, ADR writer and director
Years active 2001–present
Notable credit(s) Bleach
as Jūshirō Ukitake
Code Geass
as Lloyd Asplund
Ergo Proxy
as Vincent Law
as Kenzo Tenma
as Gaara
Paranoia Agent
as Mitsuhiro Maniwa
League of Legends
as Yasuo the Unforgiven
Spouse(s) Amy Kincaid
Children 2


Voice roles


  • Afro Samurai – Kihachi, Patron #4
  • Afro Samurai: Resurrection – Shichigoro
  • Black Jack – Sasaki (Ep. 9)
  • Blade of the Immortal – Araya Kawakami
  • Bleach – Jūshirō Ukitake, Sora Inoue (Acid Wire), Rikichi, Sōken Ishida, Baigon, Kaneda
  • Blue Dragon – Dolsk
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo – Kittypoo, OVER, Pana, Not Nice Cream, Crimson
  • Boogiepop Phantom – Yoji Suganuma
  • Boys Be… – Makoto Kurumizawa
  • Busou Renkin – Gouta Nakamura, Hideki Okakura
  • Code Geass – Lloyd Asplund
  • Comic Party – Taishi
  • Daphne in the Brilliant Blue – Jiro, Tony Long
  • Descendants of Darkness – Hisoka Kurosaki
  • Digimon Fusion – Neptunmon, Gargoylemon, Mercurymon
  • DiGi Charat – Yoshima
  • DNA² – Junta Momonari
  • Duel Masters – Shobu Kirifuda (Season 2–3)
  • Durarara!! – Morita
  • Ergo Proxy – Vincent Law
  • Fate/stay night – Archer
  • Fate/Zero – Kariya Matou
  • Figure 17 – Toru
  • Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo – Andrea Cavalcanti
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Kokita Tomoaki (Ep. 8)
  • Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG – Gino (Ep. 2)
  • Girls Bravo – Kazuharu Fukuyama
  • Gun Sword – Ray Lundgren
  • Gungrave – Sam
  • Gurren Lagann – Guinble Kaito
  • Haré+Guu – Dr. Clive
  • Hellsing Ultimate – Wild Geese (Ep. 3), Spirit of the Jackal (Ep. 5), Vatican Officer (Ep. 8), Wild Geese Member (Ep. 3), Zeppelin Commander (Eps. 5–6), Walter C. Dorenz (Ep. 9)
  • His and Her Circumstances – Hideaki Asaba, Kouhei Fukada, Martin
  • Ikki Tousen – Ganryo, Kayu, Genpou Saji/Shishi Ouin (Seasons 3–4)
  • Kamichu! – Inu Osho, Konoha Kamaitachi, Shika
  • Kannazuki no Miko – Tsubasa
  • KO Beast – Bud Mint
  • Koi Kaze – Kei
  • Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne series – Dizelmine, Kojiro Nogami
  • Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic – Jamil (Eps. 1–3), Markkio (The Banker), Isaac (Eps. 23–24), Additional Voices
  • MÄR: Marchen Awakens Romance – Nanashi
  • Marmalade Boy – Akira Mizutani, Alex
  • Mega Man Star Force – Cygnus
  • Mermaid Forest – Yuta
  • Melody of Oblivion – Horu
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn – Hill Dawson, Sarsel Mitsukerl, Tomura
  • Monster – Dr. Kenzo Tenma
  • Naruto – Gaara, Kotetsu Hagane
  • Naruto Shippuden – Gaara, Kotetsu Hagane, Sabiru (Ep. 193)
  • Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan series – Shōei, Gagoze, Hidemoto Keikain (Season 2)
  • Paranoia Agent – Detective Mitsuhiro Maniwa
  • Paradise Kiss – Noriji Sunami, Seiji Kisaragi
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena – Mamiya Chida
  • Saiyuki Reload – Barkeeper, Demon
  • Sailor Moon – Nephrite (Viz dub)
  • Samurai Champloo – Yamane (young)
  • Scrapped Princess – Furet/Fulle
  • Sengoku Basara: Samurai Kings – Ieyasu Tokugawa
  • Slayers Evolution-R – Rezo
  • The Prince of Tennis – Nanjiro Echizen, Masashi Arai
  • Tiger & Bunny – Yuri Petrov/Lunatic
  • Tenjho Tenge – Shin Natsume
  • Texhnolyze – Haruhiko Toyama, Saburo Yagihashi
  • Zatch Bell! – Genso


  • Avengers Assemble – Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, Blood Brother #2
  • G.I. Joe: Renegades – Red Star
  • Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. – Arkon
  • NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians – RZ6.0, Richard Zimmer, Additional Voices
  • Phineas and Ferb – Johann Schmidt/Red Skull
  • Regular Show – Tango
  • Sofia the First – The Amazing Boswell
  • Star Wars Rebels – Supply Master Yogar Lyste, Morad Sumar, Additional Voices
  • Wolverine and the X-Men – Angel, Nightcrawler, Nitro

Live-action dubs

  • Cutie Honey – Seiji’s Contact
  • The Haunted Lantern – Shozo
  • One Missed Call – Hiroshi Yamashita


Direct-to-video and television films

  • Appleseed – Leyton
  • Berserk: Golden Age Arc – Torturer, Ubik
  • Bleach: Memories of Nobody – Jushiro Ukitake
  • Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion – Jushiro Ukitake
  • Bleach: Fade to Black – Jushiro Ukitake, Zabimaru’s animal form
  • Bleach: The Hell Verse – Jushiro Ukitake
  • Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade WorksArcher
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – Red XIII
  • Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Full Revolution – Helixion
  • Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes UnitedRed Skull
  • JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time – Aquaman
  • Legend of the Millennium Dragon – Raiko
  • Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow – Nadare Rouga
  • Naruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of Gelel – Gaara
  • Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Will of Fire – Gaara
  • Patlabor: The Movie – Detective Kataoka (Bandai Visual dub)
  • Planet Hulk – Hiroim
  • Redline – Frisbee
  • Sakura Wars: The Movie – Kotone Seiryuin
  • Sengoku Basara: The Last Party – Ieyasu Tokugawa
  • Tales from Earthsea – Additional Voices

Video games

  • .hack//G.U. vol.1//Rebirth – Endrance
  • .hack//G.U. vol.2//Reminisce – Endrance
  • .hack//G.U. vol.3//Redemption – Endrance, Miscellaneous Voices
  • Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation – Garuda Team Take-Off Announcer (uncredited)
  • Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War – Bernard Schmidt (voice segments only), Detlef Fleisher (voice segments only) (uncredited)
  • Ape Escape (series) – Specter
  • Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia – Ayatane Michitaka (uncredited)
  • Armored Core: for Answer – Wong Shao-Lung (uncredited), Takfumi Arisawa (uncredited), Gerald Gendlin (uncredited)
  • Asura’s WrathAsura
  • Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny – Chaos (uncredited)
  • Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland – Sterkenburg (uncredited)
  • Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland – Sterkenburg (uncredited)
  • Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland – Sterkenburg (uncredited)
  • Baten Kaitos Origins – Lord Krumly
  • Bioshock Infinite – Additional Voices
  • Bravely Default – Swordmaster Nobutsuna Kamiizumi
  • Bleach series – Jūshirō Ukitake, Nnoitra Gilga
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops – Additional Voices
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – David Mason (E3 2012 demo), ISA Multiplayer Announcer
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Additional voices
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – PMC Multiplayer Announcer, Additional Voices
  • Captain America: Super Soldier – Howard Stark, Allied, Hydra
  • Castlevania: Curse of DarknessIsaac (uncredited)
  • Castlevania: Lament of Innocence – Joachim Armster (uncredited)
  • Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia – Blackmore (uncredited)
  • Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin – Jonathan Morris (uncredited)
  • Catherine – Orlando Haddick
  • Cross Edge – Ayatane, Judas (uncredited)
  • Culdcept Saga – Drachma (as Liam O’ Brien)
  • DarksidersWar
  • Darksiders II – War
  • Dead or Alive 5 – Rig
  • Devil May Cry 4Sanctus
  • D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die – Phillip Cheney
  • Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- – Incidental Characters
  • Disaster: Day of Crisis – Gregory (uncredited)
  • Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice – Master Big star (uncredited)
  • Dissidia 012 Final FantasyKain Highwind
  • Dragon Age: Origins – Niall
  • Drakengard 3 – Cent
  • Dungeon Siege III – Bogdan, Roderick
  • Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends – Guan Yu (uncredited)
  • Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires – Guan Yu (uncredited)
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 – Additional voices (uncredited)
  • Enchanted Arms – Mysterious Man/Makoto (uncredited)
  • Eternal Sonata – Waltz
  • Eureka Seven vol. 1: The New Wave – Steven Bisson (uncredited)
  • Eureka Seven vol.2: The New Vision – Steven Bisson (uncredited)
  • Fable III – Walla Voice Actors
  • Fallout: New Vegas – Pacer, Cachino, Jessup, Additional Voices
  • Front Mission 4 – Wagner (uncredited)
  • Final Fantasy IV – Kain Highwind (uncredited)
  • Final Fantasy XIII – PSICOM soldiers
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2Caius Ballad
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates – Cu Chaspel (uncredited)
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening – Inigo
  • Fuse – Guards[8]
  • Ghost Rider – Johnny Blaze
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta – Additional Voices
  • Grand Theft Auto V – Additional Radio Voices
  • Guilty Gear 2: Overture – Ky Kiske (uncredited)
  • Guild Wars 2 – Mender Serimon, Gavin, Nallas, Additional Voices
  • Guitar Hero: World Tour – Riki Lee
  • Halo 4 – Shadow leader Spartan ops
  • Hexyz Force – Faust Schneizel, Virtus
  • Jeanne d’Arc – Luther
  • Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight – Wrath, Trash Mob B
  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Various
  • Killer Is Dead – David
  • Killzone 3 – Additional ISA Voices
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – King Titarion
  • League of Legends – Yasuo, the Unforgiven
  • Lego The Lord of the Rings – Various different characters in Middle Earth
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Caius Ballad
  • Lord of the Rings: War in the North – Elladan, Elrohir
  • Lost Planet 2 – Waysider/Various
  • MadWorld – Zombie/Soldier 7/Scissors Man
  • Mafia II – Brian O’Neill
  • Magna Carta II – Huaren Jass
  • Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis – Vayne Aurelius (uncredited)
  • Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy – Goto
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad – Nightcrawler
  • Marvel Heroes – Electro, Nightcrawler, Havok
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – Gollum
  • Mimana Iyar Chronicle – Heidar (uncredited)
  • Naruto series – Gaara, Kotetsu Hagane
  • Neverdead – Alex
  • NIER – Grimoire Weiss (uncredited)
  • Ninja Blade – Doctor, various zombies (as Liam O’ Brien)
  • Odin Sphere – Ingway (uncredited)
  • Operation Darkness – Herbert East, Jude Lancelot, German soldiers (uncredited)
  • Persona 4 Arena – Akihiko Sanada
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – Akihiko Sanada
  • Professor Layton and the Unwound Future – Dimitri Allen, presentor, Subject 3
  • Professor Layton and the Last Specter – Clark Triton
  • Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask – Henry Ledore
  • Project Sylpheed – Operator of Caliban (uncredited)
  • Red Faction: Armageddon – McMahon
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla – Dan Mason
  • Resident Evil 5 – Reynard Fisher
  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles – Additional voices (as Liam O’brien)
  • Rift: Planes of Telara – Various characters
  • Rise of Nightmares – Marchosias
  • Romancing SaGa – Raphael, Ewei, Bafal Fighter, The Minstrel, Additional voices (uncredited)
  • Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love – Tsugarubi (uncredited)
  • Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked – Mugen
  • Sengoku Basara: Samurai HeroesIeyasu Tokugawa
  • Seven Samurai 20XX – Natoe (uncredited)
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV – Navarre
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers – Masahiro “Spooky” Sakurai
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona – Kei Nanjo
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – Akihiko Sanada, Eiichiro Takeba (uncredited)
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES – Akihiko Sanada, Eiichiro Takeba (uncredited)
  • Silent Hill 2 – Eddie Dombrowski (HD Collection)
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – Additional Voices (uncredited)
  • Singularity – Additional Voices
  • Skullgirls – Leviathan
  • Skylanders: Giants – Additional Voices
  • Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure – Additional Voices
  • Skylanders: Trap Team – Additional Voices
  • Sonic Lost World – Zazz
  • Soul Nomad & the World Eaters – Levin, Raksha (uncredited)
  • Space Run – Buck Mann
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows – Electro, Miscellaneous Voices
  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – Additional Voices, (Terran Ghost Unit)
  • Star Ocean: Till the End of Time – Dion Landers (uncredited)
  • Suikoden IV – Keneth (uncredited)
  • Supreme Commander 2 – Jarren
  • Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World – Orochi, Various Vanguard soldiers (uncredited)
  • Tales of the Abyss – Dist (uncredited)
  • Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology – Stahn Aileron (uncredited)
  • Tales of Vesperia – Cumore (uncredited)
  • Tales of Xillia – Gilland (uncredited)
  • Tekken 6 – Miguel Caballero Rojo, Russian Soldiers (Dragunov’s Ending), Soldiers (Scenario Campaign’s Epilogue) (uncredited)
  • Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion – Miguel Caballero Rojo, Russian Soldiers (Dragunov’s Ending), Soldiers (Scenario Campaign’s Epilogue), Campaign’s Epilogue) (voice) (uncredited)
  • Tenchu: Shadow Assassins – Rikimaru (uncredited)
  • Terminator Salvation – Resistance Soldiers
  • The Bureau: XCOM Declassified – Nico DeSilva
  • The Last Remnant – Allan, Various
  • The Saboteur – Additional Voices
  • Tomb Raider – Additional Voices
  • Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – Autobot Flyer, Decepticon Soldier 02
  • Transformers: War for Cybertron – Air Raid
  • Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – Hired Thugs
  • Unchained Blades – Lucius, Nidhogg
  • Undead Knights – Lord Follis
  • Valkyria Chronicles – Karl Landzaat, Knute Jung, Noce Wordsworth, Additional voices
  • Valkyria Chronicles II – Baldren Gassenarl
  • Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria – Lezard Valeth
  • White Knight Chronicles 2 – Madoras
  • Wild Arms 5 – Chuck Preston, Additional voices (uncredited)
  • World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade – Darkweaver Syth, Talon King Ikiss, Illidan Stormrage
  • World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Marwyn
  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm – Young Illidan Stormrage
  • World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – Sha of Violence, Chi-Ji the Red Crane
  • Yggdra Union – Durant
  • Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman – Darkdeath Evilman
  • Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury – Kafk Sunbeam
  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – Dio

Live action

  • Adventures in Voice Acting – Himself

Production credits

Voice director

  • Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
  • Armored Core: for Answer
  • Boys Be…[4]
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
  • Shadow Assault: Tenchu
  • The Saboteur (Assistant director)
  • Naruto
  • Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
  • Blue Dragon (Video Game)
  • DearS
  • Gun Sword
  • Koi Kaze
  • Rumiko Takahashi Anthology
  • The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye
  • The Last of Us

Script writer

  • Marvel Anime: X-Men
  • Marvel Anime: Iron Man
  • Naruto
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Bleach
  • Boys Be…
  • Code Geass
  • Gun Sword
  • Koi Kaze
  • DearS
  • Rumiko Takahashi Anthology
  • The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye
  • Tiger & Bunny


Making of 2 Classic Rush Albums: "2112" and "Moving Pictures"


Rush is a Canadian rock band formed in August 1968 in the Willowdale neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario. The band is composed of bassist, keyboardist, and lead vocalist Geddy Lee; guitarist and backing vocalist Alex Lifeson; and drummer, percussionist, and lyricist Neil Peart. The band and its membership went through several re-configurations between 1968 and 1974, achieving its current form when Peart replaced original drummer John Rutsey in July 1974, two weeks before the group’s first United States tour. Continue reading →

Commondtreat – Original Music by


Marianne Faithfull

Marianne faithfull berlinale.jpg

Marianne Evelyn Faithfull (born 29 December 1946) is an English singer, songwriter and actress whose career has spanned five decades.

Her early work in pop and rock music in the 1960s was overshadowed by her struggle with drug abuse in the 1970s. During the first two-thirds of that decade, she produced only two little-noticed studio albums. After a long commercial absence, she returned late in 1979 with the highly acclaimed album Broken English. Faithfull’s subsequent solo work, often critically acclaimed, has at times been overshadowed by her personal history.

From 1966 to 1970, she had a highly publicised romantic relationship with The Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger. She co-wrote “Sister Morphine”, which is featured on the Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers album.
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Alberto Iglesias’ Soundtrack For "Exodus: Gods And Kings"


Exodus: Gods and Kings is a 2014 biblically-inspired epic film directed by Ridley Scott. It was written by Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, Jeffrey Caine and Steven Zaillian. The film stars Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, John Turturro, Aaron Paul, Ben Mendelsohn, Sigourney Weaver, and Ben Kingsley. It is an interpretation of the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt as led by Moses and related in the Book of Exodus. The film is dedicated to Scott’s younger brother and fellow director, Tony Scott, who committed suicide in 2012.
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