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Christophe Héral – Rayman Origins

Christophe Héral (born 1960) is a French film and video game composer. He has composed music for video games such as Beyond Good & Evil, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, Rayman Origins, and Beyond Good & Evil 2, which is currently unreleased.

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Harpejji – Guitar and piano hybrid instrument

The harpejji is an electric stringed musical instrument developed in 2007 by Tim Meeks, founder of Marcodi Musical Products, and is a descendant of the StarrBoard. The instrument aims to bridge the gap in sound and technique between the guitar and the piano. The playing surface has an isomorphic keyboard layout arranged in ascending whole tones across strings, and ascending semi-tones as the strings travel away from the player with a five octave range from A0 to A5. The first harpejji model, the 24 string d1, was produced from January 2008 through May 2010. It was subsequently replaced by the k24 which also has 24 strings. The latter model includes updates to the internal electronics, a simplification of the fretboard marker system, and a change from maple to bamboo as the primary wood for the instrument. In January 2011, the g16, a smaller 16 string model with a four octave range (from C2 to C6) and mono output, was introduced. All harpejjis use an electronic muting system to dampen unfretted strings and minimize the impact of sympathetic vibrations.

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Twelve Foot Ninja

Twelve Foot Ninja is a progressive rock band formed in 2008 in Melbourne, Victoria. The band consists of Kin (Vocals), Russ (Drums), Stevic (Guitar) Damon (Bass) and Rohan (Guitar).

In August 2012, the band announced ‘PROJECT 12’ – a 12 week campaign leading up to the release of their debut album “Silent Machine”. With ‘PROJECT 12’, they’re releasing 12 x digital tracks along with 12 x digital comics each week for 12 weeks until their album in released on Nov, 2012. The album’s first official single ‘Mother Sky’ was released on Aug 24, and the video was premiered on Triple J’s Home & Hosed blog.

Each song from the debut album comes with a comic, created by Keith Draws (UK), inspired by the lyrics and based on the original fable of Twelve Foot Ninja (co-written by Steve “Stevic” Mackay) The story follows a sole ninja’s mission to restore balance in a world headed toward a self-inflicted apocalypse

Prior to the launch of their debut album campaign, the band had released 2 EPs. The first, New Dawn, resulted in the band earning a Triple J Unearthed Number 1 with the track ‘Dark Passenger’, sold out headline shows, and an appearance at Sydney’s Come Together Festival. Their second EP, Smoke Bomb, was released in November 2010. Produced by the band’s guitarist Steve “Stevic” Mackay in his Melbourne home studio, the EP was mixed by respected local producer/engineer Hadyn Buxton (Trial Kennedy, Jonesez, Blueline Medic, Dukes of Windsor, Felix Riebl) and mastered by Howie Weinberg(Deftones, Nirvana, Jeff Buckley) at Masterdisk, New York. Guest musicians on the release include Bär McKinnon (Mr.Bungle) on Saxophone and Ollie McGill (Cat Empire) on Keyboards.

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The Voice behind Homer Simpson, Dan Castellaneta

Daniel Louis “Dan” Castellaneta (born October 29, 1957) is an American actor, voice actor, comedian and screenwriter. Noted for his long-running role as Homer Simpson on the animated television series The Simpsons, he voices many other characters on The Simpsons, including Abraham “Grampa” Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, Mayor Quimby and Hans Moleman.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Castellaneta started taking acting classes at a young age. He would listen to his father’s comedy records and do impressions of the artists. After graduating from Northern Illinois University, Castellaneta joined Chicago’s Second City in 1983, and performed with the troupe until 1987. He was cast in The Tracey Ullman Show, which debuted in 1987. The Tracey Ullman Show included a series of animated shorts about a dysfunctional family. Voices were needed for the shorts, so the producers decided to ask Castellaneta to voice Homer. His voice for the character started out as a loose impression of Walter Matthau, but later evolved into a more robust voice. The shorts would eventually be spun off into The Simpsons. Castellaneta has won four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for his work on the show as well as an Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in the Field of Animation in 1993. Castellaneta has co-written four episodes of The Simpsons with his wife Deb Lacusta.

Castellaneta has also had roles in several other television programs, including the live-action sitcom SibsThe Adventures of Dynamo Duck, and the animated series Darkwing DuckBack to the Future: The Animated SeriesEarthworm JimCow and ChickenThe BatmanAladdin and Hey Arnold!. In 1999, he appeared in the Christmas special Olive, the Other Reindeer and won an Annie Award for his portrayal of the Postman. Castellaneta has also released a comedy CD, I Am Not Homer, and wrote and starred in a one-person show titled Where Did Vincent van Gogh?
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San Telmo, HBO – Original music by

Dream Theater – Making of "Systematic Chaos"

Systematic Chaos is the ninth studio album by American progressive metal band Dream Theater. Released on June 4, 2007 in the United Kingdom and June 5, 2007 in the United States, Systematic Chaos was the band’s first release through Roadrunner Records, which was sold to their previous label Atlantic Records, through which the band had released their previous studio album Octavarium (2005). The album was recorded from September 2006 to February 2007 at Avatar Studios in New York City, after the band’s first break from summer touring in ten years. The lyrics of the album were written by John Petrucci, James LaBrie, and Mike Portnoy about fictional, political, and personal topics, respectively.

The album peaked in the top twenty in eight countries’ sales charts; in addition, the album peaked at the nineteenth position on the Billboard 200, making it the highest peaking Dream Theater album in the United States until the release of Black Clouds & Silver Linings (2009), which debuted at the sixth position. Critical reception of the album was generally positive; Jon Eardley from called the band, “arguably the most consistent band throughout the entire progressive rock/metal industry”.

Dream Theater promoted the album on their Chaos in Motion world tour, which lasted a year and spanned thirty-five countries. The album was released in regular and special edition formats; the special edition included a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album, in addition to a ninety-minute “making of” documentary about the album.

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The Buss Compressor

Mastering is a pretty big subject, so instead of tackling it in one tutorial I thought it might be easier, for those new to the subject, if I split it up into bite sized pieces. Each tutorial will look at a separate process used in a typical mastering set up, why we use it and what it achieves.

One of the first processors used in any mastering chain is a buss compressor, this is really just a name for compressor used to treat an entire mix (i.e. the master buss). Let’s take a closer look at how the compressor is used in mastering and the different processors used for the task.

1. The Mastering Compressor’s Job

When we use any compressor whether it’s in our mix, live on stage or in our mastering chain, we tend to have one aim and thats to reduce dynamic range. Although large reductions in dynamic range are often seen as a bad thing, sensible amounts of dynamic treatment can produce excellent results, especially in mastering. Continue reading →

Goran Bregović – Ederlezi

Time of the Gypsies (Serbian: Дом за вешање, Dom za vešanje, literally “Home for Hanging”) is a 1988 Yugoslav film by Serbian director Emir Kusturica. Filmed in Romani and Serbian, Time of the Gypsies tells the story of a young Romani man with magical powers who is tricked into engaging in petty crime. It is widely considered to be one of Kusturica’s best films.

The film revolves around Perhan, a Gypsy teenager with telekinetic powers and his passage from boy to man that starts in a little village in Yugoslavia and that ends in the criminal underworld of Milan.

The movie’s soundtrack was composed by Goran Bregović.

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Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is an organization founded by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton. The organization produces theatrical shows and concerts featuring experimental music, comedy and multimedia; recorded music and scores for film and television; television appearances for shows such as The Tonight Show, Las Vegas, Scrubs, FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman, and Arrested Development; and Shake It Up on Disney Channel. Lastly, a children’s museum exhibit (“Making Waves”). All of the organization’s performances star a single trio of humanoid characters called Blue Men, played by actor-musicians who all wear bald caps and uniform blue makeup. They recorded a track with the Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto for the album Elements of Life.

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"Los Llanos" percussion ensemble plays Dream Theater's Instrumedley