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Interview with Javier Navarrete

In “Wrath of the Titans,” a menagerie of ancient beasts and angry gods are unleashed upon the world of men, all due to the declining prayers directed at Zeus and his brethren on Mount Olympus. However, Hollywood’s cinematic worship towards ancient Greece’s supreme being, let alone legendary deities in general, is more than boisterous given the current films inspired by the mythic clashes of old. Not only are these pictures a boon for today’s CGI effects wizards to indulge in their Ray Harryhausen-inspired love of stop-motion giant monsters, but they’re equally heaven-sent for composers to unleash the own musically epic tributes to mighty fantasy scoring.

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The Reactable – a futuristic music instrument

Shatter PSN Behind The Scenes – Sound

A COMMON THREAD – Original music

Rejoneo, HBO – Original Music

The Cog – Creative sound track for Honda Advertising

Film Sound Cliches

Film Sound Stereotypes and Common Logic Flaws


-Animals are never ever silent – dogs whine/bark/yip, cats meow or purr, cows moo, even in cases where most animals wouldn’t be making a sound.

-Rats, mice, squirels and other vermin always make the tiny little squeeky noises constantly while they are on screen.

-Dolphins always make that same “dolphin chatter” sound when spinning, jumping, etc.

-Snakes are always rattling.

-Crickets in winter and peepers in the fall.
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Brain Pulse Music

Music recorded from EEG waves helps to heal tsunami victims


Music recorded from EEG waves helps to heal tsunami victims


In the wake of last year’s devastating tsunami, artist Masaki Batoh sought to address the emotional wreckage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The multi-talented Batoh has combined two decades of acupuncture work with his career as head of the musical group Ghost to create an album dedicated to those affected by the event. Dropping tomorrow, Brain Pulse Music (BPM) sets traditional spiritual tracks alongside music recorded from the brain waves of patients.
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SoundWorks Collection: Gary Hecker – Veteran Foley Artist

SoundWorks Collection: Gary Hecker – Veteran Foley Artist from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

The world is just awesome – Original Music & Sound Effects by