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How To Sync Audio To Video – Separate Tracks


A Common Scenario: Home-Recording a Music Performance Video

So, you’ve practiced playing some music, which might be original, or it might be a cover, and now you want to record a video of yourself playing it and you want to put your video onto YouTube.

At this point you discover a problem that many others before you have discovered: Continue reading →

10 Tips For Recording High Quality Video Voice Overs


So, you’ve got a killer video that’s going to knock your audience’s socks off; now all you need to do is match that with some fantastic audio to add the finishing touch. To make any video project look professional, you need both elements to be excellent – if either is lacking, you’re going to come across as an amateur. Continue reading →

How to record an electric guitar?

VOX AC30 - Honor by August, spring tour in 2007

The traditional method

Recording, not the guitar, but his amp. The most common way to do this is by placing a dynamic microphone in front of the speaker cabinet a few inches from the speaker or the loudspeaker Continue reading →

How to use reverb

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Reverb is one of the most common effects used by both guitarists and producers. Still, it’s an often misunderstood effect and if used wrong, it can do more harm than good. In this feature we’ll look at different types of reverb and the do’s and don’ts when it comes to using reverb as a part of your guitar tones. Continue reading →

Mixing and Mastering Music: What’s the Difference?


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As you start to finish your first tracks, you’ll enter into what is known as the Mixing and Mastering phase. Put simply, once you finish composing and arranging your song, you will mix, and then master your tracks. Continue reading →

5 Tips for Capturing Great Field Recordings

Field recording from the top of Hoogh Catherijne, Utrecht
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You might spend most of your recording time inside a studio and trying to get as clean and isolated a sound as possible, but there’s a whole world of recording that takes place outside. Field recording as it is known can have many uses, from capturing sound effects and atmospherics for music tracks or sound libraries to recording location sound for video or film projects. Let’s look at some of the key things to know if you ever decide to do any field recording. Continue reading →

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Mastering


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Mastering was once the exclusive realm of specialists in lab coats laboring behind locked doors over mysterious and expensive equipment. Cut to the present, and now anyone and everyone with a DAW can do it—but it’s still a more specialized practice than many recording and mixing activities, and often does require a more delicate touch. Modern mastering tools are powerful, but the careless or improper application of them can easily do more harm than good to a mix. With that in mind, here are 7 things to watch out for when engaging in the black art of mastering… Continue reading →

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Recording Vocals

Recording vocals is arguably easier than recording a drum kit, but there are still common mistakes to avoid when laying down vocal tracks or recording vocal talent. Here’s six things to bear in mind.

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How the Best Surround Mixers Approach the Soundstage


Surround sound made its first public appearance in 1941, when Disney released its groundbreaking animated musical, Fantasia.

Ever since then, surround systems have increasingly been used to enhance the emotional impact of films (which George Lucas has famously, and accurately, declared are “50% sound.”)

In the mid 1990s, a small but meaningful mass market for digital home theater systems began to emerge, and by the end of the decade the first 5.1 albums began hitting shelves, piggybacking on this trend. By 2005, the GRAMMYs had added a “Best Surround Sound Album” category.

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How to Capture High Quality Audio for Low Budget Films


You don’t have to sacrifice quality when capturing audio for low budget films. Find out how to record pro sound with this collection of educational and informative videos.

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